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Re: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--The Thirteenth Order

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I'd say all of that is very true. I am very proud of my country even though it's never really been popular for most of my lifetime...I have a way of thinking in that regard that fits much more with the Depression/World War II generation than my own. To me, my country may have problems, but my country itself is not the problem--unless we as a people give up our resolve.

Sometimes I try to deny the part about tradition and routine because it's associated with being an uptight jerk (and some people will undoubtedly go on and think that anyway no matter what I say or do, since there's a pretty bad prejudice against those traits in any form in more liberal circles), but truth be told, yes...I'd say that's accurate.
There's always a fine line to walk these days, especially since folks tend to take an 'all or nothing' view on either side of the political fence. I've wavered throughout my life about my own politics before settling where I am... I am a moderate independent who refuses to be boxed into one philosophy, especially when I only agree with parts of it. I have friends who are varying degrees of conservative, and friends who are varying degrees of liberal, and I even have a friend who was an old hippy, back when I was a serious conservative. Now, older and wiser, I'm considerably more liberal and understand a lot of what she said when I was younger.

Your conservatism shows, but no one should have a right to judge you for it. It takes all kinds of people across the spectrum to make up a diverse nation, and there are good things about the conservative philosophy that I carry with me to this day -- namely, keeping government out of peoples' lives. So, if people knock you for it, to heck with 'em. We're all entitled to our beliefs, and they don't always have to agree for us to be good to each other.
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