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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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What makes you think that the Andorians and Klingons -- species that have long histories of partnership with Humans, species that have fought and died beside Humans, one of which has actually yielding its independence to forge a political union with Humans -- would just betray Humanity because a few Humans and one Caeliar happen to have been the origin of the Borg? Why would they do that, especially knowing that the Borg have consistently targeted Humanity before any other species for enslavement or extermination?
Because these are species that love to fight. Especially in the Klingons' case - they will certainly look for *any* excuse, no matter how absurd it may seem to us, to fight. Their entire culture is based on it! They are warriors - that's all they do.

And as for the Andorians...remember the Andorian 'renegades' spoken of during at least one TNG episode?

These are not societies that know nothing of Humanity. These are not societies for whom Humanity is a cypher or a mystery. They've bleed together, and they know the wonderful things Humanity has brought to the galaxy.
Of course they know a lot about humans. But the question is, given this new revelation, would they *care*?

You're severely over-simplifying. The Klingon unilateralist faction, which had always opposed the alliance with the Federation, had been, until Narendra III, stoking public sentiment against the Federation -- trying to play upon nationalistic pride to get Klingons to resent Federation aid and to feel resentful of and hostile to the UFP in the hopes of overthrowing the pro-alliance chancellors. In the "real" timeline, the Enterprise-C's sacrifice to save Klingon lives totally defeated the unilateralist faction's propaganda, generating admiration and sympathy for the Federation amongst the Klingons, thus preventing the unilateralists from eventually sundering the alliance and launching a war against the UFP. In that timeline, the lack of the Enterprise's sacrifice meant that the unilateralists' propaganda was never defeated.
Where do you get all this stuff about 'unilateralists' and 'factions'?

I agree with you about Martok, though. He's probably the reason the Klingons aren't on the march against the UFP right now. He is, I assume, still on friendly terms with humanity (although who's to say how *he* might react if he finds out the truth about the Borg?).
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