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Re: TOS Costumes on Mork & Mindy.....

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Speaking of Mork and Mindy, does anybody know anything about this tribble-like pet that Mork apparently had a couple episodes? My sister-in-law and her husband spent nearly an hour on Saturday trying to explain to me this bizarre fuzzy blob that kept chasing Mindy and trying to find YouTube videos that proved its existence, and I do not remember this at all, and bear in mind that I remember the existence of Mork From Ork Bubble Gum.

It seems to appear in the opening credits from the later episodes of the third season, eg ``Mork and Mindy meet Rick and Ruby'', just after Mork leaps out from the attic and as Jim Staahl's credit appears.

I mean, what the heck is it, and is it tribble-related?
That was in the episode I actually caught in SciFi's Thanksgiving marathon. It was, I'm pretty sure, a season premiere, an hourlong story called "Putting the Ork Back in Mork." Mork had become too assimilated and lost his Orkan identity (and was even physically becoming human, somehow), and was in danger of being (confusingly enough) taken back to Ork and ostracized from Orkan society. So an "elder" was sent -- this was the episode that revealed Orkans age backward, so it was actually a preadolescent boy -- to teach Mork how to be Orkan again. As part of this, Mork's attic dwelling was remodelled with Orkan furniture, devices, etc., and among the reminders of home was his old pet, the big tribble-like thing (whose name I forget).
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