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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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I think the Andorians are mature enough as a society to know better than to blame an entire species, and a loyal ally and partner in the Federation, for the actions of a few isolated individuals in the distant past.
We all know what Andorians are like. They are warlike, impetuous, hotheaded, and militaristic.
Wow. Stereotype much?

They're also committed to sentient rights, the primacy of diplomacy over militarism, democracy, egalitarianism, and liberty, elsewise they wouldn't be part of the Federation.
But they don't stop *being* Andorians just because they are Federation members, do they?

And besides, Andor was not destroyed. We don't even know what the deathcount was -- we know it was significant, but we also know that it wasn't total.
And Earth itself didn't suffer anything even close to what happened to Kronos or Andor did.

As I recall, upon learning that the Xindi were being manipulated by the Sphere Builders, they put aside their anger and forged alliances with the Xindi factions that they realized were not mindlessly aggressive, eventually enlisting Xindi help to save their world and establish peace between their peoples.
That only came later. *At the time* of the attack, Archer, Trip and probably everyone else on Earth - let alone their own ship - wanted to wipe out the Xindi completely. And these are human beings, who are surely not as warlike and aggressive as Klingons or Andorians.

it's important to keep in mind that the Klingons would also respect the fact that billions of Humans would have also been killed by the Borg
Or they could simply regard it as payback. We've all seen how easily the Klingons will turn on the Federation (they went to war against each other *during the events of DS9*, after all, and that was for reasons much more trivial than Tezwa *or* a Borg attack). I don't see how different this is. Remember Narendra Three? In the alternate timeline of "Yesterday's Enterprise", the Klingons launched a devastating war against the Federation simply because the Enterprise-C *disappeared*!
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