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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Now whether the other races in the galaxy will see it that way is a whole other box of self sealed stem bolts.
I can answer that real quick:They won't .

60 billion dead.

Think about that huge number while we eval the consequences of releasing the events (Omega particle and all)

Needless to say the Caeliar can't be reached for objective comment ,leaving the Federation to explain to a quadrant full of angry and hurt aliens that we were only partly responsible for making a genocidal army.

Who'd believe us?The declarations of war would be flying before poor Bacco could get off the podium.

And the Andorians,Denevians and Klingons would finish what the Borg started.No thanks.

To wit,if it got out via underground its so crazy no one would buy it .Humans making the Borg?A supernova,high tech aliens no ones heard of and a 200 year old Terran ship.Time to lay off the Romulan ale,eh!
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