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Re: TOS Costumes on Mork & Mindy.....

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Not a fan of Mearth, huh?
Speaking of Mork and Mindy, does anybody know anything about this tribble-like pet that Mork apparently had a couple episodes? My sister-in-law and her husband spent nearly an hour on Saturday trying to explain to me this bizarre fuzzy blob that kept chasing Mindy and trying to find YouTube videos that proved its existence, and I do not remember this at all, and bear in mind that I remember the existence of Mork From Ork Bubble Gum.

It seems to appear in the opening credits from the later episodes of the third season, eg ``Mork and Mindy meet Rick and Ruby'', just after Mork leaps out from the attic and as Jim Staahl's credit appears.

I mean, what the heck is it, and is it tribble-related?
you can see the tribble thing in this clip

I'm looking for the one where mork and johnathan winters beam back from Ork after a shopping trip and instead of bags they have a champagne bottle and some glasses...shatner beams in with bags in his hands, exchanges them for the champagne and says "beam me up orson"...winters wondesrs if shatner will get the girl, and mork responds "he can do anything he wants, he's the captain."

I think I remember from the original run a segment where when they send a "beam" for mork it mistakenly beams in shatner who is shaving and mork says "whoops, wrong beam."

they were pretty fast and loose with the trek jokes, helps to have the same parent company.
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