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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Picard should still have enough influence to retain his senior staff.
Starfleets got bigger issues than personell shortages.

Refugees(and serving starfleet personell) who fled the Borg invasion are coming back to dead cinders for homeworlds. Relief and reconstruction will be everyones first priority, with what few ships are left to do it with.

Once that is underway the next hurdle will be rebuilding the fleet, which id imagine will be faster than ususal as shipyards weren't targeted that much.

By the time enough new ships get cranked out Starfleet will have a new generation of officers and crew to run the new vessels. Unlike the Dominion War there weren't many survivors waiting to get back in the fight this time, so personell wont be an issue.

I wonder though, what will the other races' reactions be if it becomes common knowledge that the Borg were spawned from humanity?

I cant imagine someone who just lost their family and 80% of their species to be too understanding of the exact circumstances of the Borg's origin.Unless this info is lockdown-classified this is gonna make some folks pretty pissed off at humanity:and react accordingly.
Maybe it's time for Starfleet to crack out Genesis torp. tech again and use it to terraform those worlds that ere completely scrubbed off all life.

As for the big revelation that humanity had a hand in the Borg's birth, yeah that's something that needs to be locked down big time. Otherwise there's going to be a lot of pissed off races going for humans.
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