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Re: Letter to Obama...

Boy, I bet Obama's just kicking himself that he already chose a Chief of Staff before reading this letter.

Please continue President Bush's unrelenting War against Terrorism and exterminate as many Terrorists as possible. Brainwashing people into blowing themselves up is bad enough but, calling you (and Secretary Rice) a 'House Negro' is just plain reprehensible. It's not even a very original insult either. That deserves a rather terrible reprisal, in my less than humble opinion. Such talk also demonstrates a very clear lack of any kind of redeeming quality in the character of these Terrorist Thugs. Besides, it's not like we can reason with these fanatics. When someone is determined (and thinks it's their God-given mission in life) to kill you, you don't ask him why. You kill him first and consider yourself lucky that you survived.
You know, I can sort of tolerate the mass murder, massive property destruction, and economic damage that are par for the course in a terrorist jihad, but when the enemy starts calling names, they've gone entirely TOO FAR.

I am tired of playing the glue to their rubber, Mr. President. We must strike back fast and hard, and make them remember that the United States is not a nation of bootie lickers covered in cooties, but rather a nation wrapped in awesome and infested with freedom. We must launch "Operation Al-Qaeda Mo Meda Banana Fana Fo Feda" with extreme prejudice before the terrorist's sphere of influence spreads beyond the tetherball court to the rest of the playground.

Signed, Anonymous (you can see my name in the other letter).
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