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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

I finished reading Lost Souls. Simply awesome! There is a scene at the very end where Picard and Crusher are talking about life after the Borg that reminded of a similar scene in B5 where Sheridan and Delenn are talking about life after the Shadow War. Both scenes give that sense that the universe has changed forever.

I thought Bacco had some great lines. I loved her twisted sense of humor. For example, when her aid asks her if she wants to make a speech before Earth is attacked, she says something like "no, why ruin a perfectly good apocalypse?"

I thought the connection between the Caeliar and the Borg was fascinating. I loved the scene where Inyx confronts Sedin. So, basically this incredible evil that is the Borg, was really the result of just one extremely lonely and desperate entity.
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