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Re: Why so little Uhura in ST3?

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I've just rewatched ST3 and noticed a few things.

One, is that it's a much better film than I remember, some great character moments ("how can you be deaf with ears that big?"; "don't call me 'Tiny;"; "but you don't have eight, so I'll do it for ye in two", significant things happen (David dies, Ent gets scuttled) and I can't help feeling it may have been a lot better if it wasn't for the hokey Genesis studio set.

It also has the single best line in all of trek "That green-blooded son of a bitch ..." you all know the rest ...

Anyways, one thing that's puzzled me is that Uhura is completely absent after the transporter scene with "Mr Adventure" until the final scene on Vulcan.

I'm amazed I never noticed before. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is there some backstage story concerning Nichelle Nichols?

Even after Scotty sabotaged Excelsior, there was all of Earth and Starfleet to contend with.

Uhura had to stay behind and run interference for Kirk and co. so Starfleet
wouldn't catch them. I imagine she jammed comms, prevented interception, all kinds of mayhem. Kept everyone off their back.
Later on, she caught up with them on Vulcan.

Makes sense to me.
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