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Re: Letter to Obama...

There's so many Things wrong with Your Letter that I can barely get into them, but Don't capitalize Words Randomly in the middle of sentences.

As for the content, I particularly like how you advocate replacing the income tax with a 1 to 5 percent sales tax. And how you want your horrific school system to remain just as shitty and inefficient? And then, and then how you say that the government shouldn't spend money it doesn't have, but it should hand over tens of billions of dollars to that auto industry, which should then be forced to fuck over everyone who's worked for them! Oooh oooh and then when you think that the USA has any real quantities of oil to drill? And I haven't even got to the bits where you prefer to have no medical insurance, instead of adopting a system that's cheaper for both the people and the government that covers a greater percentage of the population, where you want to destroy the social safety net and where you want the US military to develop an army of Daleks to invade the middle east.

Do you perchance write for Stephen Colbert?
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