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Re: Twilight - Movie Discussion and Grading

I had never heard of the "Twilight" Saga before last week; I went to see the movie, not realizing that the primary audience was teenage girls. (I am a guy in my late 20's.)

I am actually glad I didn't know that, because if I had, I wouldn't have gone to see it, and found it quite enjoyable. The cinematography was exceptional, as was the music. The sparkly-Edward effect was quite bad. I didn't even realize what was supposed to have happened until I went and read the book.

Going in with no expectations, I found Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson both quite enjoyable. Billy Burke as her dad, though, stole the show.

Alice Cullen was hot, even if she was pitching baseballs or ripping vampire heads off.

As for the book series, which I've now read, I found "Twilight" entertaining, but, rather poorly written. The film was better structured, in terms of writing. "New Moon" was a little better. "Eclipse" and "Breaking Dawn" I rather liked.
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