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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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That's awesome!

Reminds me of something interesting on the news...very interesting.

Basically, there is now technology that allows us human beings to control computers and computerized mechanisms with our thoughts. (As dorky as this sounds) what you do is plug something into your head--I don't rememver the details--and then use your thoughts to control it. EX: For a computer mouse, you would think something like... "Move left" and the cursor would move left on the screen. I don't know quite how you would do "Click" though...

Someone was even controlling a wheelchair with this technology! They say it might soon be used for false limbs and such.

Personally I found that quite interesting, but maybe that's just me.
I find it interesting too, the "Click" may be moving up and down! I also posted on another forum on the board, that there is new research out on hyposprays, gone will the be days of blood down the arm as in the research paper they use jets
"Medical science has made a few advances while you've been in... the Delta Quadrant, did you say? We don't use scalpels or LEECHES anymore..."EMH2 to EMH1
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