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Re: Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Home

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So I'm guessing back then (especially during wartime) it wasn't so common to have visual communications? It seems like this is audio...
I think visual was probably much more strictly allotted. I figure that in the modern day, it takes less bandwidth (or whatever else) to do audio communications than it does full video, and I imagine that even in the future with subspace communications, it would still be about the same. Except, of course, they can call across whole lightyears. Plus, especially during wartime, I'd think that the relays and everything that makes it possible would be dedicated mostly to wartime traffic.

And I LOVE getting the follow-up on the lobster incident! I had been wondering exactly that, if he left the bands on or not!

Very moving to see them still trying to keep up the friendship despite distance and circumstances.
Thank you! I loved this one. It was quiet and warm and I'm glad I wrote it.
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