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[GAME] The Great Trek Screencap Game!

Continuing from the last thread, here are the rules for this game...

A Screencap from a Trek Episode or Movie will be posted, contestants will please post what they think that episode or movie is. The person who posted the pic will let us know whether we're right or not, the winner will post a new pic.

These are the scores from the last thread:

The contestants are listed in chronological order (meaning from when they first won)
AdmiralGarak: 3
CaptainCalhoun: 1
startrekwatcher: 19
T'Leisha: 1
NCC-1701: 13
Carpe Occasio: 6
Ethros: 8
Xeris: 5
LeadHead: 52
CDP: 1
YYZ: 7
Wowbagger: 3
DonIago: 5
Bashir007: 9
Yassim: 1
pookha: 1
Gaius Baltar: 1
Trekkiedane: 2
Tuln: 9
Kadratis: 6
Degra: 1
M’Sharak: 2
Saratoga NX-3842: 10
Mr. peany: 1
KirkPicard: 10
Finn: 5
SonicRanger: 1
Marie1: 2
Atavachron: 6
Dane Whitman: 3
brian: 2
Rycher: 1
Sakrysta: 1
Alidar Jarok: 1

Our Top 5 were: LeadHead, startrekwatcher, NCC-1701, Saratoga NX-3842 & KirkPicard

Congrats to all of our players!

And now, we wipe the slate clean and start fresh!

Will the winner of the last round, KirkPicard please post our first pic?

Congrats to all the players!

Let the good times roll!
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