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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

Regarding the 40% figure, am I correct in assuming that "40% of Starfleet" meant 40% of the fleet itself, rather than 40% of active duty Starfleet personnel? We've been told several times in the literature that only a small percentage of officers and enlisteds actually serve on starships, and a great deal of those stationed on planets and starbases would pursue starship duty if it became an option for them. It would seem that, if starfleet lost 40% of its ships, the personnel crisis wouldn't so much be in filling starship roles as the fleet was rebuilt, it would be in filling groundside assignments that would be created by people taking career fast-track assignments on starships.

Huh. Starfleet personnel issues. I officially think about this waaaaaay too much.
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