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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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We know from Book I that all life on Ramatis was exterminated, as was all life on Deneva. Given Bacco's inclusion of them in the first list, I would presume that this means that all life was exterminated in Coridan, Risa, Regulus, and Korvat as well. Presumably, this means that the Coridanite, Risian, and Ramatian species are now critically endangered if not functionally extinct (in spite of their world's Federation membership). No clue whether or not surviving members of those species be repatriated into other Federation Member States or if they'll somehow retain their own Member State status if they resettle. (Will the Federation go from 155 Member States to 149?)

We know from page 416 of Book III that 77 million Klingons died on Qo'noS, so we can probably presume similar death rates for Vulcan, Andor, and Tellar -- probably roughly 60 to 80 million deaths. I would imagine the same to be true of Yridia, Nausicaa, and Barolia.

Did I miss anything?
Acamar and Barolia were both completely annihilated in the first strike, as seen in the epilogue of Greater Than the Sum.

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Den is the new senior counselor.
No, Hegol is the new senior counselor. Hegol Den is Bajoran, so he's addressed as Counselor Hegol.
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