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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Doesn't it get difficult to justify keeping the senior staff together on ships like the enterprise in a credible manner?

You'd have massive gaps in the organisational chain of command and I can't see how Picard would be able to hang onto people like La Forge.
Well, considering that the only original TNG senior crew left over from the show and films are Picard, Worf, Beverly, and Geordi, I'm not sure how that's a pertinent critique anymore. There's Kadohata, there's Den, there's Choudhury, there's Elfiki, there's Chen.....

Yes but I cannot see him holding on Worf or La Forge - both would end up with their own postings or ships - with 40% losses, experienced officers would be like gold.
Den is the new senior counselor.

Maybe, maybe not. Worf has the whole "rescued his wife rather than save a Cardassian defector" problem, and Geordi is an engineer, not a command officer.
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