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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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now that we have a slipstream drive that's been proven stable in Starfleet's hands, how will this be followed up on in future novels?
It will be followed up on in future novels. To find out how, you'll just have to read 'em.

Speaking of the fleet being rebuilt, I don't remember Destiny quantifying exactly what the Starfleet toll was, with regard to ships and crew lost, though we did get to see a number of scenes where individual ships and crews made the ultimate sacrifice. What kind of scale are we talking about (compared to, say, Wolf 359 or The Dominion War), or was this intentionally left vague for a future book to address? Or did I just miss it?
The draft I have on my hard drive that Dave sent me to look at (I don't actually have the book yet) has President Bacco saying that more than forty percent of Starfleet was destroyed.
40% Casualties?

Holy Crap...that's gonna be a helluva mess to clean up.That's a logistical nightmare,running relief efforts with 40% less ships to work with.

I wonder what bad guy(s) in the next books take advantage of this...
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