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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Indirectly, it would seem that the Xindi were responsible for the creation of the Borg. If the Xindi hadn't attacked earth, Archer wouldn't have needed MACOs onboard Enterprise, and later recommending that Hernandez have some MACOs assigned to Columbia. So the events that led to MACOs becoming the first Borg would never happen.

But then again, since the attack on Earth apparently never happened in the original timelime, the Borg probably shouldn't have existed in the first place .......
IIRC, the MACOs got assigned aboard Enterprise because their mission was shifting from exploratory to military. But presumably the attacks along the Romulan frontier would still have occurred, Xindi or no, and that could have been cause enough to assign MACOs to all UESPA ships.
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