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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Indirectly, it would seem that the Xindi were responsible for the creation of the Borg. If the Xindi hadn't attacked earth, Archer wouldn't have needed MACOs onboard Enterprise, and later recommending that Hernandez have some MACOs assigned to Columbia. So the events that led to MACOs becoming the first Borg would never happen...

No disrespect,but Columbia's mission before its incapacitation was convoy escort.There woulda been MACO's on that ship anyway,Xindi or timeline to pot.

But your post does remind me of something. The NX-02 Columbia now ranks above Homer's Odesseus as the most-B.S.-trialsome- struggle to get home story in human history .

Scratch that,galacic history.

Kinda humbling to think this all started with a broken starship .
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