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Re: TnT: If The Ship is A Rockin'...Don't Come Knockin'!

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Wow I really like that one of Archer and Trip!! I'll try and take pics of him next week.. and once I can post on this website, I'll put them up. Until then I'll put them up at after I go, of course!
Are you speaking of Lightspeed? I buzzed by their website, and WOW, the artwork they're featuring is niiiiiice. Along with Connor, there will be Dom Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Jeff Combs, Gary Graham... Please, if this is where you're going next week, take many, many pictures for the less fortunate, will you?

Looking forward to your 50th post here, and then the pictures.

Here's another behind-the-scenes shot of Connor I posted a while back in the Trip thread. It's one of my favorites.

And we can't forget Trip and T'Pol...

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