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Re: nuBSG Music Videos (starting with Ayreon)

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I've also made a bunch myself as a hobby. But they are amateurish cuz I'm well an amateur and use Windows movie maker which is just horrid. But I'm still pretty happy with most of them.
They're actually pretty good, I think. There's only two things that bother me (I took a look at your other videos as well). For one, I think you show too much of the characters talking. Maybe that's just me, but I always feel it's preferrable in these kinds of videos when the characters aren't talking as it can quickly feel strange watching them talk but hearing nothing.
Granted, I realize it's not always easy to find enough scenes like that (especially when the shows in question are talkative).
Secondly, well, I think you have a slightly different taste in music . My favorite videos of yours is actually the House one since that's the one where I really, really like the song. It might even go with nuBSG, depending which spin you put on the video.
As for movie maker, well, it ain't fantastic, but it gets the job done. I'm not an expert in that area at all, but I think they're might be some open source alternatives though the choice is probably not as great as in other fields.

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I love this one.

Battlestar and the Bandit
I think I saw that one some time ago. It's really, really funny .

Here's some more videos I came across:

- nuBSG meets Pink Floyd (sadly not an original Pink Floyd recording and possibly not the song I'd pick first but...): The Wall- Battlestar
- Some nuBSG scenes paired with Edwin Starr's "War". Interesting, I think: Battlestar Galactica: WAR!!! HUHHHH!!!
- And I really, really like this one because I think it's a great song and because I think the video does a really good job of looking at the quieter, more intimate and human side of nuBSG rather than the action side: Battlestar Galactica (Hallelujah) music by Allison Crowe
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