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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

Interestingly enough, I was about to add a topic with the exact same subject as this one.

In the past few days, I've... uh, acquired all the Trek movies in 720p HD, and have been watching them one at a time.

When I came to Star Trek 5, I was stunned by how much better it is than how I remember it from a few years ago. Moreover, I have a crushing disappointment that Shatner & Co. weren't permitted to make the movie without interference from upstairs.

Strip away the nonsense comedy, the atrocious ending, the subpar effects work, and you have the seeds of what I'd consider to be a very good entry in the franchise, better in my eyes than the lazy and uninspired Genesis trilogy.

The opening with Sybok laughing, the idea of a planet of peace and paradise being a forgotten wasteland with no passion or feeling about it, a well-intentioned but misguided man on a quest to find God and Heaven, the idea that God exists in each of us... it's some great stuff.

The musical score is grand, the direction and cinematography are solid throughout. Far more interesting to look at than the muddy brown TWOK, the sound-stage TSFS, and sitcom TVH. Performances were great, Luckinbill's Sybok was great.

The pain scene? Absolutely superb. McCoy's euthanising his father, Spock facing a prior pain of being rejected by his father, yet in the years since, finding his place with his human friends.

I only wish the idea of a man seeking Heaven, but finding Hell instead, only realising it after he gets there, was kept intact, and properly realised with some real and artistic special effects.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed the good parts, and lament would could have been.
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