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Re: Tons of New Kelvin Info! (Including crew pics)

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Took a while for me to load in FF, but it eventually worked. I'm pretty disappointed that they made Robau Cuban, instead of Pakistani though. Not to be racist, but I think a Pakistani captain would have made a larger impact, especially in today's world.
It does work in Firefox, but I recall a certificate issue when we saw things on the Intel site earlier this year. I also recall discussion of the nationality of the name and it seemed to turn up as Spanish/Latino more often than anything else.

That the actor isn't Hispanic is a detail; if Ricardo Montalban can play a man with Sikh-Indic heritage, then I don't see a problem with a Pakistani actor playing a part written as Hispanic. That's called acting, and if he's the right guy for the part, then that should be all that counts. We would have been much the poorer if Anthony Quinn had been allowed to play only Mexican-Irish characters.
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