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Re: Tons of New Kelvin Info! (Including crew pics)

Timo wrote: View Post
This is exciting indeed! Earlier, this site hosted art that wasn't quite representative of the real thing. Perhaps an early study? But most of the "flatness" here seems like image distortion to me. And the current artwork still doesn't satisfy me as representing the real thing - the pop-up turrets are still shown in the wrong places, not extending to the area immediately forward of the "U.S.S. Kelvin" pennant as the trailer shows. And the text adjoining the pics appears rather hastily and inexpertly thrown together.

Nevertheless, the first pics of the bridge crew are worth the effort of going through that silly interface.

Timo Saloniemi
I disagree, it just seems like it explains enough of the technical aspects to make it interesting, but without over technobabbling it. Pretty much seems like info from memory-alpha or something in condensed form. Watch the trailer again, the Phasers are in the correct locations.

Oh and I love the crew, can't wait to see em on the big screen.
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