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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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My thoughts were this at the end: there's no more?!
Sure there is: A Singular Destiny, Over a Torrent Sea, Full Circle, Losing the Peace.......
Keith, are you sure you're not somehow a Caeliar yourself and can tune your catoms to what I write? I mentioned something similar in my forthcoming review. Here's an excerpt.

I was like, there’s no more?! Considering I’m about to take a two year leave of absence from the world and go serve a mission, it’s unlikely that I’ll get to read Over A Torrent Sea (I always want to say Bridge Over A Torrent Sea), Full Circle or Losing The Peace, I leave knowing that what I get to come back to is going to be amazing. (Yes, I’m probably going to get to read A Singular Destiny)
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