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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

My goodness....well, I'll just say this: I picked up the book on Wednesday and finished it in the same night. My final Destiny review is forthcoming, but I just have to say this: this book was downright amazing! My thoughts were this at the end: there's no more?! Dave, you did a great job with it. And yes, I love the religious overtones in the book. And, you even had me dig to find stuff when compiling my review. (Like my first question, 'what the freak does 'Logos' mean?') When I found out, lightbulbs went off in my head, and I was just extremely excited for what you were accomplishing in the story.

Personally, I liked what was done to Picard, and I think it was essential that he play the role he played in the book. You had Dax, who was gung-ho, Picard, who was very cautious and pensive, and Riker, who balanced the two out. Everything's about balance, and the book did a great job of it.

There were a lot of gems in this story... too many to mention twice, so I'll save it for my review. Bacco's always a star, and I loved reading about her again in this story. I also liked the ultimate fate of the Borg Collective, and did not clue in whatsoever as to what powered the Caeliar cities until you mentioned "Particle 010"... in that context, the Borg's desire to assimilate Omega at all costs made sense.

All in all, very sweet read! As I said, review forthcoming.
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