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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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My only real problem was Picard's treatment in the book. There was a logical explanation yes, but I felt like he may as well not have been there. He didn't really accomplish anything or help much. Even worse he spends a lot of his time bitching about his ready room and crying on the holodeck. Even considering his emotional state at the time, acting like this while the Federation was about to be destroyed came off as really weak. I feel really let down by Picard's actions in this book. I also feel like his actions are going to be brushed under the rug since by the end we are back to 'happy Picard'. I hope someone addresses this in a future novel.
Despite my small criticisms I really liked the whole Trilogy and I'm excited about where things are going from here. Great work David!
I really enjoyed Book 3 over all but I wanted to say that I agree with the above. If there was one blemish, it is the handling of Picard. This whole concept of how Picard is obsessed and wears blinders with regard to the Borg comes from First Contact and was a flawed characterization from the start (I am a lone voice in the wilderness, but I found FC weak for this and other reasons). Picard had a chance to destroy the Borg years earlier in "I, Borg" and true to his nature, decided against it. To throw that away cuts to the core of who the character is. It wasn't David Mack's choice I suppose, since, as I wrote, it was established in the movie, but it still is disappointing to me. Otherwise a great job!
I suppose I should have come up with something witty or clever...
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