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Re: 3 Possibilities for Series VI

Well if Trek need to move forwards they should create a series in the either mid or late 25th century, and the series shoul take place in another Galaxy. If they are sticking to Canon, Andromedia's out since the "radiation" caused the galaxy uninhabitable as refernce to TOS. So it sould be in the Triangular Galaxy, aka M33 the one Enterprise D visited in episode with the traveler in it. The new ship, the Enterprise G ( the "F" went the way of the dodo IMO) is equiped with a fully functional trans warp drive so the new crew wont be dead by the time they get there.
To made the old school fans happy the Enterpise G would have a retro look, and resemble the contiution class starship, in simpler terms if the enterpise A and the Enterprise E were to be combined that is what the new ship would look like.

On a side note this show should be animated.

What do you think?

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