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Re: Andrew Probert's ST:TMP Dry Dock to be Orbited by 2020!

Maybe not for an earth-orbiting station, but if there are resources that can be mined on the Moon, then I can see this being used in lunar orbit. I mean, how many ships and space stations would be built using this thing before it becomes more cost effective than the "send up pieces and dock them together" method used for Mir and the beginning of the ISS? If you are building 10-20, maybe. But 2-3 stations and 1 Mars spaceship? I don't know if that would work well. And long long until we need to replace this station? 10 years?

The Moon's less gravity would make it more cost effective for launching raw materials for fabrication there, and you wouldn't have to deal with Lunar dust messing with anything. Of course, you would have to deal with solar flair, the solar wind, and other radiation, though.
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