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Re: Andrew Probert's ST:TMP Dry Dock to be Orbited by 2020!

Timo wrote: View Post
Vaporware? Or just a paper tiger?
A "blue sky" proposal presented at an AIAA meeting which - like pretty much every other interesting proposal - was subsequently forgotten.

It's too bad they never built this sort of capacity into the ISS. That would have given the design longevity and validity beyond the absolute face-saving minimum. It would also have evicted the microgravity experimenters from ISS, so that they could have had a more meaningful platform free from the disruptive presence of astronauts and their vehicles.
My pesos are on the ISS being reduced to an unmanned free-flyer for microgravity experimentation by 2012, so the less said about it the better.

Something common to this plan and the early Freedom "orbital harbors" is the use of actual physical hangars for thermal and micrometeoroid protection. An argument in favor of the ILM space mushroom?
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If you would care to peruse the Probert illustration I linked to, the upper segment of the dry dock has a travelpod docking ring which implies a pressurized habitat, and the large rectangular inset appears - at least to me - to be an outer airlock door for moving relatively large assemblies in and out of what could very well be a radiation/micrometeoroid/atomic oxygen/insolation-free "clean room" environment used for the final assembly or servicing of unusually sensitive space vehicle subsystems.

Oh, Great Probert, Tell Us Your Intentions!

SonicRanger wrote: View Post
Eh, there are only very vague similarities to me... like being a structure in space that supports spacecraft.
A structure composed of pressurized segments below which are suspended lights to keep constant luminosity on the serviced spacecraft as the orbiting platform moves in and out of Earth's shadow cone? The similarities are absolutely uncanny (as Psion just demonstrated).

But given your, um, unnatural affection for Probert, I'm not surprised that your love-struck eyes see more similarities than I do, TGT.
Well, that can I say? I'm just waiting for my big juicy kiss.

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