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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

Really nothing to say here, other than that it was, as expected, entirely excellent. A few small things nagged at me (I was hoping to see more of the primordial-borg after the initial assimilations) but I can't argue at all with the overall structure of the story. It worked on every level, from the minor personal notes, to the overall galactic repercussions of the entire thing. Favorite moments include the creepy, zombie vibe of the icebreaker crew running into the first of the Borg, and, of course "My name is Annika." Brilliant.

Oh, and Terminat hora diem terminat auctor opus? Way to go, Dave. It takes a real writer to throw out a personal message both from and for the author, a little latin, and a tip of the hat to Rush all at once. Bravo, good sir.
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