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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

Clawhammer wrote: View Post
Ria75: Thanks! Btw I'm not a big guy with huge muscles, in fact I'm very skinny, and I dont have tattoo's either! Also I dont dare to post in the "Are you hot?" topic.

attempt 2 to post a picture of me...

p.s. So far I have screwed up almost every link I tried to post here....It's so bad that I could benefit from a personal moderator! doh!
Sorry, Clawhammer, I mixed you up with Thurisaz, somehow. I replied to too much stuff at once.
No offense to him, but I found it a bit hard to connect the bodybuilding with the model-making. This makes more sense.

That picture's fine. I feel more properly acquainted now.
Links sometimes give me a hard time too.
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