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Re: Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Bookends

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Wow...a 23rd-century crackhouse. Some things never do change. Very powerful scene there.
I find it impossible to believe that things like drug abuse and alcoholism would be entirely stamped out. I think that they'd be decreased quite a bit, but there are still psychological factors and social factors that you can't just stamp out; these things would exist. I think the world there is a better place in a lot of ways, but certainly not this perfect utopia where nothing bad ever happens, where people don't ever fall between the cracks (or dive there willingly, even).

And the interactions between Corry and Scott are just excellent as usual. Glad to see him really starting to become part of this family even to the point of being there through the worst. B-movies.
Oh, I adored the interactions in this. The light stuff, and the dark stuff. I loved that Abby got introduced, and that all of the unspoken stuff was still a real and present thing.

Thanks so much for the comment!
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