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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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In that same line, do you feel that the characterization of Picard when he ordered the Thalaron weapon to be built was in line with what we know about him? Or the parts where he was in such serious doubt about his future? I wanted to hear what you were thinking Picard was feeling when you wrote those parts so I could better understand where he was coming from.

David, I also wondered about this. All the reviews I've read have been positive, but almost everyone wonders about Picard being "off" in this third instalment as well as the previous two.

I'd love to know your thinking process insofar as Picard is concerned.
Christopher wrote: View Post
^^I think the whole point was that Picard was "off," that the magnitude of the Borg invasion coupled with his own traumas and his link to them had thrown him completely off his game. He'd fought them off over and over but they kept coming back, and this final, all-out invasion, coming mere weeks after he decided to start a family, had broken his spirit. So he wasn't quite himself for the duration of the trilogy, or rather, the more vulnerable aspects of his character were overwhelming the parts we're used to seeing.
Being a newbie, I mangled the sourcing of the author of the original quote. It was Gauis Polt (p.5 of postings. Apologies to you).

I'm grateful for Christopher's response, particularly as I thought that he dealt wonderfully with the Picard and Crusher relationship and how that was playing out; thereby giving us some insight into how and why Picard was behaving as he was in these books. I recently reread the poker night scene in GTTS and its aftermath and thought that this was very delicately written.

It has taken a very long, long, time for TPTB to come to terms with the fact that the fanship also includes women.

Never the less - and granted that Thanksgiving is on the morn - I really would like to have David's response to the questions above.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends.
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