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Re: New Member Intro, "Thurisaz"

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I love you!

Say: what sex are you?
How come nobody hit on me when I was a n00b? (And Cogley doesn't count. )
I only got in trouble as a noob. Not even that kind of trouble. I actually participated in Star Trek DEBATES! Honestly, Thurisaz, and BorisX - hi - if you're like me, and you can get into bad arguments sometimes even in Miscellaneous, STAY AWAY FROM THE SPECIFIC STAR TREK FORUMS!

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How about McBundy? -are you the only poster on this board he didn't hit on?
Don't forget girls.

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Here is the part that I wanted to skip, but I'm doing it anyway:
Picture of me in 2007.

*coming back from the "are you hot" thread*
Oh, yeah, you're the big muscle guy with the cool tattoo.

A gallery with some of my work.
Far out. Some of these remind me of Talyn from Farscape.

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Back in the day when I found this place, I almost immediately found a post I needed to reply to and signed up the very same day. Have you never felt like this in aaaall the time since you first found TBBS?
Exactly my story. That was 2 months ago. Now I'm a fixture of the board.
Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out (vid)

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