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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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I just have one quick thing to say:

KRAD, William Leisner, Christopher, and Kirsten you have your work cut out for you in following up what is one of the best Star Trek works in history.
You're telling me.
I kinda had it easier than the rest, though. The new post-DES status quo back home is a minor element in Over a Torrent Sea, since Titan is back out exploring deep space again as per Bacco's promise in her big speech. The Destiny followup is mainly in terms of how the characters cope with the personal consequences of the trilogy's events. So mine is the quieter, change-of-pace sidebar story while Keith, Bill, and Kirsten are doing the heavy reconstruction work.

And Kirsten probably had the toughest task of any of us (besides Dave himself, of course), because she had to do her share of DES followup while simultaneously resolving Christie Golden's VGR Relaunch story threads, advancing the VGR characters' stories across two more years, and integrating all that's been established about them in other books.
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