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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

I have some observations and questions:

*When Q first introduced the Borg to Picard, et al., we know he wanted to give them a taste of their future and to give them a kick in their complacency. We also know that Q (and the Continuum) are testing humanity. Since it's mentioned in Q&A that everything Q had done was meant to prepare Picard & Co. to meet Them on Gorsach IX; does that include the evolution of the Borg (even tho it occurs after those events)? I imagine so, since humanity had a part in creating the Borg and a large part in their evolution. Will we see Q talking to Picard post-Destiny?

*DGCatAniSiri said: "I think one of my favorite lines during the sequence was the gestalt's thought, about the Borg yearning for something, but not knowing what. For once, I had sympathy for the Borg as a whole." This makes me think about Spock's line about how desperately V'ger was searching for meaning to its existence until Decker joined with it to give it a human perspective. I saw a lot of parallels between this trilogy and TMP.

I may have more observations and questions; perhaps with the questions I should wait until ASD, etc.; but these two things I wanted to mention now.

David, again, fantastic job. Loved it.
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