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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

I have to add my voice to the many is saying that I absolutely loved that the Borg were not defeated through some military victory but by the same basic ideals that drive the Federation - compassion, a desire for peace, and understanding. Likewise, I really liked that the Borg evolved (if such a word can be used) from a simple desire. I think one of my favorite lines during the sequence was the gestalt's thought, about the Borg yearning for something, but not knowing what. For once, I had sympathy for the Borg as a whole.

However, my favorite moment in the book was Geordi's speech to Picard about the thalaron weapon. I loved every line of that.

Also, I must mention how much I enjoyed the heavy usage of Pava sh'Aqabaa - She was my favorite of the cadets in Omega Squad in the Starfleet Academy comics. However, unless I missed a line, I don't think it was stated whether she made it through the surgery?

Out of all, though, the affecting emotional moments were at the end, when the threat was over. Seven, or, rather, Annika's simple statement of her name and Tuvok's comment of 'I see no logic in this' moved me more, really, than the death of his son. Until the last paragraph of his section, I didn't know that Elieth was Tuvok's son. However, seeing his reaction... To have a Vulcan even allow anger into his voice is powerfully moving.

Honestly, right now, I can't wait to see the galaxy begin to put itself back together. Is it February yet?
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