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^^Well, for what it's worth, there are some major gaps in the Titan chronology. The first three volumes are pretty close together, but from Orion's Hounds to Sword of Damocles is two and a half months, from SoD to Destiny is nearly eight months, and from Destiny to the main body of Over a Torrent Sea is... well, more than a few weeks. So there's plenty of room that TTN comics could fill in.
Oh, I didn't realize there was that much time between each book. I had figured we were pretty much just gone from one adventure/mission straight to the next one.

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Yeah, but that would be kinda hard to do if we are still getting the books. I really think it would better as occaisional graphic novels or miniseries.
DC Comics managed to do a monthly ongoing Star Trek: The Next Generation comic while that series was on the air. Malibu and Marvel both did ongoing Deep Space Nine series.

I'm not seeing the problem.
I'll be honest, I totally spaced out on the fact that they did have comics running at the same time as the shows.

I guess an ongoing series wouldn't be as hard as I thought.

Wow, I'm not doing to good on here today. I guess I need to think things through more before I post.
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