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Re: Arc of the Wolf: True Bearings - Breathless

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Getting caught up on all my reading and I'm enjoying the beginning of this tale. I like your portrayal of Scotty--you give him a complexity and a deepness that the series really only hinted at. I wonder how much the various comic book portrayals of Scotty--especially the DC series--have influenced you? I know DC did, by and large, an excellent job in fleshing out the show's "secondary" characters--especially Scotty and Chekov--turning them into far more than the caricatures they were often portrayed as in the series.

Very nicely done--this series is very much a breath of fresh air--I love coming back to your work after a hard week or so at work.
Thanks so much! Believe it or not, most of what I drew from is on-screen canon and the occasional book; I've never read the comics. Well, at least for Trek. ;-) One book was Kobayashi Maru because it painted a very vivid picture of a young Scotty, who was very different from he was in canon and yet absolutely rang 'true' in characterization, and the other was Vulcan's Glory, but mostly for the secondary cast of characters and the definitive beginning of his time on the Enterprise. Also took at least a few things off of Doohan himself -- the rougher childhood, the cooking thing, etc.

Most of it, though, is just a whole lot of asking questions and then waiting for answers. Scotty was such a terrific character in TOS; he had good moments of comedy, but he also had his good moments of drama. He was sharp a lot of the time,yet painfully oblivious on occasion; one moment he could be jacked up manic and the next, he'd be an iceberg. He always looked like he was buzzing with energy, even when he was standing perfectly still. And his body-language is just a trip -- I dunno how much of it was subconscious on Doohan's part, and how much of it was acting choice, but he really did paint an awesome picture of someone who says a whole lot without ever saying anything... if you know his language.

This is all just me trying to figure it out -- a lifetime of observation, seven years of questions, and over 200,000 words of waiting for answers.

Thanks again for the comment! I'm thoroughly glad you're enjoying it; it may not ever be what most people would expect when they try to imagine a backstory for him, but I sure hope always rings 'true'.
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