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Re: 'Star Trek: Countdown' Promotional Image Debuts

Data's death was one of only a handful of plot points that were handled well in NEM. IMHO, his selfless sacrificial death brought him as close to being human as an android could come. The B4 storyline cheapened his death a great deal for me.

We could be seeing B4 on the cover of ST:C. OTOH, perhaps some of this story takes place pre-NEM. It is an origin story for Nero so maybe Data's involvement was years before when Nero was a young man or teen. NEM was released some 6 1/2 years before STXI will be, but we don't know for cetain if only that amount of time will have passed between NEM's era and that of old Spock. Is it still the 24th century or is it set years later in the 25th? Nero is supposed to be from that later era as well, isn't he? I look forward to reading this but would really enjoy it if the story was turned into a direct-to-DVD animated movie a month or so before STXI is released.
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