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Re: Star Trek : Online is happening OFFICIAL

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It still makes me a bit worried that the game is being made for 360 as well.
Will this lead to the game being more console friendly thus lacking the depth of a PC MMO?.
I'm not sure because if there are even two, I haven't played either MMO that are out for consoles.
I'm sure there is just out for the PS3.
Anyone get a look at that?.
I'm not too worried about that, as the game has had a lot of PC development time. It's not a 360 title being ported like Legacy was, as far as i know.
It will be interesting to see if it works, particularly cross-platform. There has yet to be a successful MMO for the 360 (except maybe that Final Fantasy one? Which I don't know much about). The mere fact that there's no keyboard for the console would seem to be an issue in terms of communication between players, although I guess everybody could just use headsets.
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