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Re: Just watched Star Trek V The Final Frontier

If you ignore the childish, insultingly stupid script, the half-brother who magically appears, fire extinguisher anti-gravity boots, bad acting, cheesy fx (just how far can a shuttle slide while going 2mph?), a loyal crew that immediately muntinied just because someone helped them with a little bit of their psychic pain (last time they were at least under the influence of spores), a fat woman in her sixties supposedly seducing with a fan dance (did she just happen to have a pair of fans in her cabin?) and Spock camping then this is a great movie. Several years ago I asked Tekei if Paramount had ever considered doing an Area 51-style cover up and pretend the movie didn't exist. He said that V:FF shows how Paramount thought they could put any cheap piece of garbage out and still make money from it if they stamped "Star Trek" on it. This was not only the worst of all the Trek movies, it was one of the worst movies ever made. Of any genre. It's like the Uncle that takes his pants off when you have a group of friends over. It's embarrassing when it is aired and people know you're a Trekker. It was just such a disapointment.
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