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Re: Which versions of aliens do you imagine?

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I agree w/ Sci. That was a very creative way to explain the difference between what we saw in TNG and FC/VOY. I may not agree w/ everything Christopher writes here on the bbs but his work is enjoyable. Just relax.
I do concur as well, I have similar feelings regarding Christopher's communications, but I have to say I really did applaud this aspect of GTTS. It was refreshing to finally have someone acknowledge the fact that a collective mind comprised of the knowledge of trillions of intelligences might not have difficulty reproducing in a manner other that assimilation.

The vague idea that they don't reproduce comes from a line by 7of9 in Voyager that has a very subjective meaning IMO. The idea that can't, that the Borg don't have the ability to reproduce on their own, that just defies onscreen evidence and all manner of reason to me.
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