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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hello. New to the board. Have already posted a few times but just wanted to "officially" introduce myself.

Love Star Trek Obviously. TOS more than the others. Sorta liked TNG but got tired of it. I also disliked when they GQ'd Worf with a ponytail Also got tired of all the "hot" Klingon women. I always envisioned them as a little rough around the edges. You never saw a Klingon male with dimples or a cleft in his chin. But then ugly don't sell and they're not my characters.

Never got into DS9 or Voyager. And Enterprise seemed OK but just couldn't hold my attention long enough. I think I should probably giver this one another try.

And my biggest gripe is (and I know they gave some lame excuse for this in I believe TNG) is that all the aliens looked alike. There is only so many things you can do with ears, noses and foreheads. I didn't see any real imagination.

I mean in TOS you had the creature in The Man Trap, the Horta, the Gorn, Tribbles, the parasites of Deneva.

Yeah TOS used a lot of humanoid aliens as well but when they didn't; for the time, they seemed really cool. I just expected more creativity 30-40 years later.

Anyways, thats me and my opinion.
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