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Re: Twilight - Movie Discussion and Grading

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Is this an american thing? I've never heard of it or the books?
It's kind of popular in america. The books are aimed at teens. It's mainly romance with vampires thrown in.
Well its what Stephanie Myers is calling vampires.
No fangs
See their reflection
Can walk in daylight

I've been told that garlic, crosses and silver aren't a factor either.
Meant to ask if a stake in the heart is involved in the Myer-verse regarding "vampires".

I prefer to think of the Cullens and any other "vamps" as really immortal hemophagiacs(blood lusters/drinkers). It's really more applicable.

I am tired of hearing people defend the "vampires" as saying there are no rules for vamps. Sorry but there are some rules. Love it all you like but there are certain rules for vampires. Some flexibility on some lore but the "vamps" here are not vamps...except in name.
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