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Re: Twilight - Movie Discussion and Grading

Anyone remember when Vampires were scary? Say what you will about Anne Rice, but her vamps were at least evil. I blame Joss Whedon for this. He's the one who invented the cuddly, heroic Vampire in love with a social outcast human(who also happens to be special). I mean, the dude even has Angel's hair! This dynamic has been copied a million times over now, from Underworld to Tru Blood. But at least with those I get to see Rogue's titties and Kate Beckinsale's ass out of it. This movie is to Buffy what Nickelback is to Metallica. It's the watered down, mediocre version of the same damn thing.

And considering how the two lead actors were slagging off the books in interviews, it doesn't surprise me how bad this movie was. My favorite quote was that the books were "The romantic fantasy of a bored Mormon housewife, who is clearly substituting herself for Bella". Or something like that.
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