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Re: Favorite Bond actor

^ Boo!

1. Connery. The first and best. Suavest, coolest, toughest BC (before Craig), most attractive to women, most iconic.

2. Craig. I was very much in the doubters camp when he was cast, but was happy to be proven wrong. He kicks ass, plays the character like its a proper role, instead of merely bringing his own personality to the part, is convincing as a cold assassin, yet has a way with a one liner and doesn't look uncomfortable in the love scenes.

3. Brosnan. I was a little unsure of his casting at first (had him down as a tv lightweight, but he did a great job. A populist mix of Connery and Moore, whose performances were frequently better than the scripts or directors he got.

4. Dalton. My liking of his performances has diminished over the years. I used to like him a lot, but I've seen bits of his movies more recently and find his performances somewhat OTT and too self-consciously 'actorly.' Kudos for making a good fist of being a very public second choice and he was a breath of fresh air at the time after the parodic Moore years. But he needed a little more humour and to look a little more relaxed in the love scenes. Perhaps he was the closest to the Bond of the novels, but he should have perhaps followed a little more of the movie template too. I like what he was aiming for, but I think Craig just did it a bit better.

5 & 6. Joint placing for Lazenby and Moore. Lazenby deserves credit for being the first to try to follow the Great Scot and he probably was the all round best looking and toughest looking Bond. And credit for nt just playing Connery, but playing his own version of Bond. The problem was, he was just too wooden and didn't have the acting clout to carry off the humanity that OHMSS required. Perhaps he would have grown into the part.

Moore also deserves credit for being the longest serving Bond and for being the first since Connery to manage to play the role twice. And for all the slating of his tongue-in-cheek portrayal, he was playing to his strengths. You can't imagine Roger Moore doing the opening scenes of Casino Royale or the fight with Robert Shaw in FRWL. Best to stick to what he was good at. And to be fair, the lapse of the 007 series into parody and tongue-in-cheek pretty much reflected the trend of the era. In the 1960s, the biggest movie star in the world was Steve McQueen - in the 197s, it was Burt Reynolds. Similar move from intense hard-ass to smirking smoothy. But for all that - I just can't be too interested in his take on 007, despite a few pretty good movies (LALD, TSWLM, FYEO).
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